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Ninth Street Trackage being removed

Just over 3 years after the abandonment announcement and about 3-1/2 years since the last trains, the center of the Tidewater Southern line is being removed by Union Pacific forces. The line from just south of McHenry (Claribel Road) through Modesto to Bonniefair (just south of the burned and removed Tuolumne River Bridge) is being torn out. This includes the famous TS location of Aurora where trains once traded electric power for steam and diesel. The abandonment also includes Ninth Street, but it is unknown when or if the rails will actually be removed. The section north converted into a bike and pedestrian path. Word is that the Tidewater heritage of the route will be recognized in some manner along the path. The sections of the railroad north and south of the removed portion remain in operation and do not appear to be in danger of abandonment at this time. This leaves 43.4 miles of TS line still in service.

-from reports by Altamont Press Newsline 4-22-2003, Robert Williams, Eugene John Vicknair

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