1931 Public Timetable

Western Pacific Railroad

The cover and accompanying 4 pages come from a Public Timetable issued by the Western Pacific in October 1931.  It includes not only WP passenger trains, but connecting trains on the Sacramento Northern, Tidewater, DRGW, MoPac, Indian Valley, Deep Creek, Central California Traction and others.  The booklet also features advertisements for businesses located along or affiliated with the WP, lists of officials and some photos from within the Feather River Canyon and of new steam motive power the railroad was just receiving.

Eugene John Vicknair collection

The Tidewater's timetable shared a page with other shortline connections.   Of particular note are the soon to be abandoned Indian Valley Railroad, narrow gauge Nevada Central and the Deep Creek Railroad, probably the WP's most obscure subsidiary.  This was the last full year for TS passenger service and the schedule was down to only 4 roundtrips per day.  Of note is that 2 trips daily had the WP depot as their terminal (southbound train 6 and northbound train 3), while all others operated from El Dorado and Weber, site of the Stockton Hotel and the joint depot with the CCT.  While trains took 15 minutes to cover the 3.6 miles from the WP and SP crossing at Ortega, they were carded into downtown Modesto, 29.1 miles away, 50 minutes later.  This gives a very respectable average speed of 35 miles an hour.


The map has several interesting tidbits.  The High Line to Klamath Falls had just opened and the Indian Valley line (marked IVRR) would not survive much longer.  Note also the proposed WP line from Niles to San Francisco via Redwood City and Burlingame.  North Bay interurbans San Francisco & Napa Valley and Petaluma & Santa Rose also make the map, although neither physically connected with the WP system.  This could be a holdover from SN plans to build the Willota line to connect with the two other electric roads.