TS interurbans 202 and 200
A TS two car interurban train at Stockton, preparing for its run back to Modesto.
TS 106 at Modesto
Otto Perry caught GE steeplecab 106 at the Modesto Terminal, looking very modified from when it was delivered in 1921.
WP RDC 375 Tuolumne River 033151
Western Pacific RDC-2 375 crosses the Tuolumne River on an excursion run on March 31, 1951. Ken Meeker collection.
WP RDC 375 Meyers crash  033151
While on an excursion run on March 31, 1951, WP RDC-2 375 hit a Mother's Cookies truck that tried to beat the crossing. Ken Meeker collection.
TS 100 and TS 2nd 1 Modesto 1938
TS steeplecab 100 leads a southbound train and TS 4-6-0 second 1 into the Modesto terminal in 1938. Photo by Guy L Dunscomb, courtesy of the Martin Hansen collection
TS 100 Modesto 081247
TS steeplecab 100 near the very end of electric operations, resting in Modesto on August 12, 1947. Photo by Guy L Dunscomb, courtesy of the Martin Hansen collection
TS 4-6-0 1
Roster shot of TS 4-6-0 1 in Modesto. Photo by Guy L. Dunscomb.
605 boxcar
TS insulated boxcar 605 looking fairly new.
TS 746 Stockton CCT Shops 031675
TS RS1 746 is on loan to the Central California Traction in a photo from March 16, 1975 taken at the CCT's Stockton shops. Photo by E. Forrest Hadley from the Eugene Vicknair collection.
TS 142 70ton
TS 70 tonner 142. Photo by W. C. Whittaker.
TS steeplecab 100 at Modesto
Wood bodied steeplecab 100 was built by the Central California Traction Company. Here is rests at the terminal on the south side of Modesto.
SN 602 on Ninth Street
The TS would sometimes borrow Sacramento Northern power. During the electric era, this typically meant boxcab 602. Here the old motor pulls a train north on Ninth Street in Modesto. Photo by Al Rose, Bay Area Electric Railway Association archives.
TS 2-6-2 132 at Alba
TS 2-6-2 132 switches a train at Alba station.
TS 100 Modesto Perry
A great side view of TS steeplecab 100 by Otto Perry.
TS 746 RS1 Stockton 112272
Recently repainted TS RS1 746 receives service at the WP's Stockton facility on November 22, 1972. Photo by Mel Lawrence.
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