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  • The Tidewater Journal

  • "Tidewater Southern", The Western Railroader, issue 131, September 1950

  • Ken Rattenne's Tidewater Southern webpages

  • The Feather River Route, vol. 1&2 by Ken Rattenne

  • Western Pacific's Diesel Years by Joseph Strapac

  • "Tidewater Southern Railway", Western Pacific Mileposts, May 1952.

  • Western Pacific's Steam Locomotives, Passenger Trains and Cars by Guy Dunscomb and Fred Stindt

  • The Central California Traction Company by David G. Stanley and Jeffrey J. Moreau

  • Short Line Junction by Jack R. Wagner

  • Sierra Railway by Dorothy Newell Dean

  • "Electric Railroading in Central California" by John W. Dodge, Pacific Railway Journal, vol. 1, number 12, December 1956

  • Pacific News, January 1974

  • Western Pacific President's Papers Collection of the California State Railroad Museum Library

  • Arthur Walter Keddie Library and Archives - Feather River Rail Society

  • Frank Brehm's Western Pacific webpages

  • Sam Herchbein's Western Pacific webpages

  • various reports in CTC Board, X2200 South, Pacific Rail News/Rail News,and others

  • various info, reports, and observations by and/or credited to:  Ryan Barber, Ted Benson, Jim Eagers, Frank Brehm, Thom Anderson, Garth G. Groff, Steve Hottle, Gerold Eckl, Kent Stephens, Vic Neves, Steve Bechtold, Art Lloyd, Robert Rohr, Wayne Monger, Kirk Baer, Robert Williams, Nick Stiles, Kirk Baer, Dave Stanley, Ken Rattenne, Jerry Baldwin, David Epling, Tom Carter and others

  • Special thanks to Curtis Olliff for his HTML expertise

  • Special thanks to Bart Nadeau of BAERA, Vic Neves, Dave Stanley, Ken Rattenne, Garth G. Groff, Ryan Barber and Ted Benson for their encouragement and assistance

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