WP subs Map
Map of Western Pacific system showing subsidiary railroads
WP System Map 1965
Official Western Pacific system map from 1965
Central Valley railroad map
Map of central valley railroads by Clarence E. Bruce, colorized by Eugene Vicknair
TS interchange map
Map showing Tidewater interchange locations and railroads
Stockton Map
Map of Stockton railroads
TS interurban car side diagram
Side elevation diagram of TS Jewett interurban combines
Interurban end diagram
End view diagram of interuban combines
TS 44 tonner 135 diagram
Equipment diagram of TS 44 ton locomotive 135
601 class boxcar diagram
Equipment diagram of TS 601 class insulated boxcars
201 class gondola diagram
Equipment diagram of TS 201 class gondolas
Cornucopia lettering diagram
Lettering diagram for Cornucopia paint scheme on TS 501 class boxcars
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